Being an Accredited Professional Photographer


I am truly proud to be able to call myself an Accredited Professional Photographer with the AIPP.

Quoted from their own website "An Accredited Professional Photographer is a photographer, who doesn't just claim to be a "professional" but earns that title by successfully completing the rigorous AIPP accreditation process."

When I first started Kiddy Kats Photography I dreamed that one day I could achieve this accreditation, so when my application was successful I was super-excited! Not only does it mean a lot to me, but I also feel that I can give enquiring customers a sense of trust and confidence in myself and my work.

As the photography industry isn't one that requires a a license as such to say you're a "professional", at least with the AIPP accreditation I can show customers that I am committed to running a professional business and producing photographs of professional standard.

To read more about the AIPP standards, please go to my Blog.

I also take my responsibility of handling young babies very seriously when it comes to safety and hygiene. My first priority is keeping your baby healthy and safe. I have photographed over 100 babies and during a photo session I make sure that at all times there is either myself or a parent with your baby. I will not force your baby into a pose that they show hesitation towards. Every baby is different and this needs to be understood and respected. By looking at my gallery you will see that I choose to create beautiful portraits using natural poses. I also hold a WORKING WITH CHILDREN check and I have been recently immunised against Whooping Cough. Kiddy Kats Photography holds Public Liability Insurance and is committed to a safe working environment at all times.