Photography Session Information

Thank you for booking a photography session with Kiddy Kats Photography. I can't wait to take some stunning photographs for you!

The Studio:

My home studio is in Ferntree Gully. For your comfort, it has both heating and cooling. During newborn sessions, the room is kept very warm (25-28 degrees) to keep your baby settled so please dress for summer even if it's not summer!

I work with continuous studio light, which means no harsh flashes. 

I do not provide a make-up or hair stylist for adults. Please bring a brush, some hair spray and lip gloss. For newborn sessions, please bring a touch-up powder because the room is very warm.

What To Bring:

Newborns & Babies: Please bring everything you would normally need at home. e.g. nappies, wet wipes, moisturiser, and everything needed for feeding. Please also bring a dummy for newborns even if you prefer not to use one - these can save a session!

Please bring some snacks for yourselves as it is especially important for Mums to keep their energy up (water provided)!

Feel free to bring along any sentimental items you would like in the photographs. This could be anything from jewellery your baby has been given to a blanket a grandparent has knitted. Little toys are also popular.

If a young child is involved in the photo session I recommend you bring their favourite toy, blanket, etc. Especially if they need it for comfort. Although small bribes are not encouraged (up to parents' discretion), it does sometimes help! A small bag of crackers, lollies or similar can work well.

What To Wear:

To keep your newborn most settled, please dress them in a front-zipped outfit with no singlet. This will ensure minimal disturbance while undressing them for the photo shoot.

Babies, children and adults:

Tops are most important. If choosing a white backdrop, I recommend wearing white, cream, or soft/pastel colours. A bit of colour in your portrait is nice, especially on children, but please choose soft colours that will not distract from your lovely faces. You can match your tops with darker jeans or skirt if you wish.

If choosing a dark backdrop, I recommend wearing black or dark grey tops.

Below are great examples of family's being co-ordinated well:

Family portraits:

Feel free to dress co-ordinated if this is your style. This could be as simple as all family members wearing jeans, or all wearing a similar coloured top. You don't have to wear the same thing, but keeping the variety of colours to 2 or 3 between you and co-ordinating with each other does make a big difference to your portrait.

Outdoor sessions:

Please avoid wearing black, green or red. White always looks great as well as creams, denim, light greys and light browns (tan). PASTEL colours such as grey, blue, pink and peach also look great.

It's common for people to be self-conscious! If you are worried you will look 'fat' in the photographs, simply wearing a light cardigan or jacket over a top/t-shirt will look more flattering.

If you or your child wears prescription glasses, please refrain from wearing self-tinting glasses!

I mainly see your top half so shoes are not too important.

Clothing To Avoid:

No clothing with big logos, patterns, stripes, checkers, pictures, writing or bright colours. In particular, fine stripes create a 'moire effect' so please avoid this. If you are unsure, feel free to bring a few options and I can go through these with you.

Soft patterns are ok, as well as a punch of colour, if you prefer this. Please just choose wisely

Outfits Provided By Me:

I provide many knitted outfits and bonnets/headbands for newborns. I also have a vast variety of different coloured wraps that I can dress your baby in.

For older babies 3-12 months , I have a variety of outfits that you are most welcome to use. For baby girls or toddlers, I also have some super-cute tutu's and dresses that they are welcome to wear.


I provide a few different backdrop options. Most of my work is on a white backdrop and this is the default option unless you request otherwise. You can also choose a charcoal backdrop, plus a white suede option for babies and children. If you can please let me know your preference before your photo session it would be much appreciated.


Children are to be accompanied by their parent/guardian at all times.

No photographs or video to be taken by the client during the photo session.

No camera or lighting equipment is to be touched by the client or their children.



If you or someone involved in the photo shoot becomes sick please RE-SCHEDULE your photo shoot by contacting me within 48 hours, if possible. As I often photograph babies in my studio and cannot photograph them if I am sick, it is only fair on other customers plus myself to not spread the germs! Thanks in advance! (If you do not re-schedule and arrive sick, unfortunately you will be sent home and the reservation fee is forfeited. If you or a family member are suffering just a minor cold please contact me to discuss).



On the day of your photo shoot we will organise a day and time for you to come back to the studio for an Ordering Session. The Ordering Session is booked for approximately 2 weeks later. I do not provide online galleries!

At the Ordering Session I show you 20-40 of your best photographs in a light edit.. The Ordering Session takes about one hour and it is best to have all decision makers present as final decisions need to be made on the day. Payment is also required to process your order but I offer payment plans if need be (10% deposit required).

The Ordering Session is the perfect time to ask me as many questions as you may have. The time is dedicated to you so I can pass on my professional advise and we can work together to decide what is the best option for you. My goal is to make sure you walk away happy and super excited to receive your photographs! 

Upon taking your order, I will fully edit the photographs you have chosen and place any print or product orders. Your photographs are usually ready to pick up within 4-6 weeks (depending on how big your order is). 




All photographs on this website are copyrighted.

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