5 Things to do with your photographs while at home during the Coronavirus

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Whether you have had professional photographs taken recently or not, here are some fun and important ideas that you can do with both professional photographs or those you've just taken on your phone!

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1. First Step - Print Your Photographs!

We take so many photographs of our kids but we often forget to print them. This also applies to families who have had professional photographs taken and have just purchased the Digital Files.

Time just flies by so fast and before we know it we have thousands of photographs! But time is less of an issue as we are asked to stay inside during the Coronavirus and we are looking for things to do. I encourage you to go through your phone and print your favourite photographs! Those that capture special memories and show just how much your children have grown so you can look back on these in years to come. Printing your photographs will ensure that your memories will last forever as it's so easy to loose your photos if your loose you phone, it breaks or your computer crashes.

Use a trusted printer so that your prints don't fade over time. Generally speaking, cheaper prints mean cheaper quality. Try Michael's Camera in the Melbourne CBD, Camera House stores across Melbourne and Australia (there is one just in Croydon - Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs) or Streets Imaging ( who are based in Qld but deliver straight to your door. If you have had professional photographs taken, speak to your photographer as they can most likely organise top-quality prints for you!

Before you print your photographs you may wish to decide how you'd like to display them in your home first. This brings me to my next suggestion...

2. Frame and hang your photographs on your wall!

wall design with your photographs

Displaying your photographs on your walls is really special for many reasons!

Firstly, it makes your house feel like a home and gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling :)

Secondly, even on the worst of days you can look at your photographs and remember the love and connection you share as a family. Even when the kids are driving you a bit crazy from being home 24/7, your photographs will remind you of the family you have created with love and just how grateful you are to have them by your side!

Lastly, it's been proven that displaying your family photographs in your home increases your child's self-confidence and sense of belonging. This to me is just priceless!

Have you recently had professional photographs taken and received professional prints? This is the perfect time to organise frames so you can hang them on your wall! If you are printing your photographs yourself from a USB, think about the many ways that you can display your photographs and what sizes you may like. There are many creative ideas on Pinterest on how to display photographs together on the one wall - search 'photo wall gallery'!

3. Create a Photo Book / Scrapbook

scrapbooking with baby photos Melbourne