So you are thinking about having professional photos taken and are currently unsure if you REALLY want to do this. Here are my top 6 reasons to convince you why you definitely should! And now!

Number One: Professional Photography is an investment for a LIFETIME.

Yes, it is not super-cheap to have professional photographs of your family taken (and when I say professional, I don't mean your neighbour who loves photography and says they will do it for $200). However, what else in life can you seriously say is an investment for a lifetime? Let's think about the other things we purchase at the time we discover a baby is on the way...

Baby Car Seat: At a cost of anywhere from $200-$800 car seats are definitely necessary. But once they have been used (and abused!) they are most likely ready for the trash.

Pram - with a cost of $400-$1000+ for top-of-the-market, this will be useful for a few years at most. Most likely it will be trashed by your children and ready for the bin by the time they no longer need it.

Car - You can go as cheap or as expensive as you like with a car, and the same goes for quality photography. However, a car keeps costing you money its whole life and is ready for scrap metal after 15-20 years.

Your photographs, however, will hang on your wall and be cherished forever. They will make you smile! They will re-ignite your memories! They will also be cherished by your children for their lifetime, and make your house not just a house but a home.

Number Two: They aren't just photographs, they are your family's heirloom.

I absolutely love looking at old photographs! Not just any old photographs, but photographs of my grandparents and parents when they were younger. My grandparents on my Dad's side grew up in Europe and I am lucky enough that my great grandfather was a keen photographer (in the genes!) so we have amazing photographs of my grandmother as a child with her brothers and sisters. What I love most about this is that I can see the striking resemblance in her and myself at the same age. I lost my Grandma when I was 12 years old, so these photographs make me feel closer to her and I truly cherish them.

I am however lucky enough to still have my Nana (my mother's Mum) at over 90 years old. Her wall is full of photographs of herself plus the whole family growing up through the years. My mother's baby photo is up there along with photos of myself and my sisters as babies and older. But can you believe she recently got super-excited when an old photograph was found of her as a young girl which was in amongst her sister's belongings (who had unfortunately recently passed). This is also the first photo I have seen of my Nana at such a young age and is priceless.

I also love looking at photographs of when I was younger - of times that I don't necessarily remember because I was too young as well as times that I do remember but seem like a lifetime ago. I also see many customers come through my doors comparing photographs of themselves as a baby to their new baby, as they love trying to work out if their baby takes after Mum or Dad!

My point is... photographs are your family's heirloom. They give you and your children a sense of identity. Your children want to see what they looked like when they were younger and what you looked like when you were younger. And your children and grand children will cherish these photographs for their lifetime.

Number Three: Time just keeps going by faster and faster

Unfortunately, no one has the ability to stop time. If you have recently become a parent, the whirlwind of having your baby will make you realise just how quickly time passes. I absolutely love photographing newborns and babies for this exact reason. Capturing their tiny little features, their little toes and fingers, all the things that make you just watch them in awe. Seriously, I could just watch babies forever and not get tired of it! But they don't stay small for long and especially in that first year of their life they change so much. This combined with the mayhem of being a parent means that it's easy enough to forget how they used to look and the feelings that were associated with it. Photographs capture these moments and re-ignite your memories. I like to compare them to a song.... when you are in the car listening to the radio and a song comes on that you loved years ago and it reminds you of where you were in life, what you were doing, and how you felt at that time. It may even be your wedding song and re-ignite the memories of that day. Photographs do exactly the same! Except we can also see these memories, how precious is that!

I recently had a grandmother come along to a photo shoot of a 7 month old boy. I had also photographed him as a newborn and she loved the photos so much that she just wanted to come along and watch. Which I obviously had no problem with! She told me afterwards how much the photographs of him as a newborn meant to her. Not only because she treasured her grandson, but because these photographs reminded her of how it felt holding her own children for the first time and raising them as babies. This is the magic of photographs!

Number Four: Your phone is not a camera

We are definitely in the digital age and it's now so easy to take and share photographs! Cameras in our phones are fantastic to capture day-to-day life and also capture those spontaneous moments that you just can't set up for a professional photographer.

But have you ever tried to print photos from your phone? No doubt the first time you did you were bitterly disappointed with how terrible they looked! The quality just isn't there and when you try to enlarge it any bigger than a standard 6x4" you start to see pixelation and imperfections. You've probably also noticed that a lot of your photos are blurry. That's right, kids move very fast! And the camera in your phone is not made for this.

A professional