For new Mumma's who have missed the Newborn Baby Stage during Covid-19

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The outbreak of Covid-19 means that a lot of Mums who have given birth during this time have unfortunately missed out on the opportunity of newborn portraits.

There is no doubt that having your precious baby photographed as a newborn is really special, but for the parents out there who are a little heartbroken about these circumstances - I want you to know that there are so many more adorable stages that we can capture of your baby as they grow! And you might just discover that you are thankful to instead have your professional baby photographs captured when they are a little older!

"We had Michelle photograph my little girl Indiana at 3 months old, as due to Covid we were unable to have our newborn photo shoot. It was a shame as I obviously really wanted newborn photos to look back on, however I am SO glad we still booked in for a 3 month photo shoot when lockdown 1.0 was lifted. By this age Indiana was nice and alert and I was able to dress her up in pretty dresses! I also was feeling much better myself to be photographed.
Parents who have missed out on the newborn stage like we did, don't have regrets as it is out of your hands. Instead, have photographs taken when you can as this is better than none at all!"

Your Baby At 2-4 Months Old

If you have given birth during the Coronavirus pandemic, best-case-scenario in Melbourne, Australia is that restrictions will be lifted when your baby is between 2-4 months old. Based on this, I want to show you the many adorable and stunning portraits that I can achieve for you when your baby is at this stage!

I also want to mention that it's very common for new parents to be overwhelmed in the first few months of their baby's life, therefore I quite often photograph babies at this age for this very reason! If you have missed the newborn stage, you are not alone that's for sure!

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Tummy Time is a gorgeous milestone to capture around 2-4 months old

The Best Things About This Age

1. Your baby is recognising you and smiling!

Your little one is full of so many adorable expressions, and honestly they have myself and their parents laughing so much throughout the session!

2. Tummy Time

Tummy Time is the first big milestone your baby will achieve. Parents usually start practising this with their bub around 2 months old, and most babies are confidently holding their head up by 4 months old. From the time your baby is born, the maternal health nurses tell you just how important tummy time is so it's an exciting milestone for your baby to achieve! Being able to capture your memories at this time is quite special!

3. Newborn-style Portraits Can Still Sometimes Be Achieved

I often say that every baby is different, so it's hard to predict just how settled your baby will be in their photography session. However, in the past I have had 8 week old babies that are more sleepy and settled than a 7 day old baby! If your baby happens to be quite settled there is often the opportunity to pose and style them similar to newborn portraits!

4. It's Likely Your Bub Will Fall Asleep

At this age, your baby is only awake for about 90 minutes at a time. I plan my baby photography sessions so that you arrive when bub is awake, and therefore it is often that he or she falls asleep during the session. If this happens I will most definitely capture sleeping portraits for you so you can remember just how small and peaceful they were when sleeping!